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Pencil United’s stories are read exclusively in our own iOS app named “Pencil United” which you can get for free on Apple’s App Store.

Tap here to take a peek at the app in the App Store!


How much does the Pencil United app cost?

The app is free to download.

How much do issues cost?

All issues cost just $1.99 each.

In what countries is the Pencil United app available?


Which Apple devices does the Pencil United app support?

iPhone 6/6+/7/7+

iPad 3/4

iPad Mini 2/3/4

iPad Air 1/2

iPad Pro 9,7-inch/12,9-inch

Does the app contain a store and library?

Yes. Use the Issues menu in the Library screen to switch between all published issues, the issues you have purchased and downloaded onto your device or specific series.

Where are the purchased stories stored?

The stories you have purchased are stored locally on your Apple device so that they are always available and readable off-line using the app.

How much storage space is needed for an issue?

Approx. 50-100Mb, depending on the device you use.

Are there Pdf versions of issues available?

Pencil United does not offer Pdf versions of issues since the stories are digitally native and are not created for print.


How do I manage my purchased issues?

Visit the Help screen in the app for more info.


How many Push Notification will I receive?

We know how annoying it can be to constantly get notifications, so we only send approx. 1/month when we have something really important to share like new releases. We recommend you allow notifications if you are following our series.

How do I switch on/off Push Notifications?

1. Launch the Settings app on your device.

2. Tap the Pencil United app.

3. Choose Notifications.

4. Flip the “Allow Notifications” switch to on or off.


I’ve lost access to back issues I’ve purchased. How do I get them back?

When you upgrade your system or when a device runs low on memory, it can sometimes wipe the memory cache where in-app downloads are stored. If you go to your Library screen and tap the Gear Icon, you can use the “Missing Issues?” link to sign in with the iTunes account you used to buy the content originally. This should reset your issues, and you won’t have to pay again.

Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, per the terms and conditions of Apple’s App Store, all purchases are considered final, and developers are not allowed to refund customers. Your transaction was with the marketplace directly, so we do not have access to the transaction record or credit card you used to purchase.

Can I access content on a second device?

Yes. You can access the same issues on multiple devices as long as you are signed into the same account the issue was originally purchased with. You can simply download the app on your second device, go to the Library screen, and tap the Gear Icon where you will see a “Missing Issues?” option. You’ll then sign into the account you used to purchase the content originally – that should reset your permissions.

Why am I getting the message that I need to “Purchase the app before I can purchase the issue”?

This can happen if you are signed into a different account than the one you used to download the app initially. If you need to sign into a different account, quit out of the app entirely and follow the instructions from the article below:

Please read the Apple support article “Sign in with a different Apple ID in the iTunes Store.”

You can then go back into the app and attempt your purchase again.

Why does the Missing Issues link not restore the content?

If the account you sign in as is not the same as the one that purchased the content, the restore will not work. If you need to sign into a different account, quit out of the app entirely and follow the instructions from the article below:

Please read the Apple support article “Sign in with a different Apple ID in the iTunes Store.”

Then go back into the app and attempt to restore again by tapping the “Missing Issues” button.

Why is the app crashing repeatedly?

First, try restarting your device and then relaunch the app. If this does not work, check your operating system by following the directions in the article below:

Please read the Apple support article “How to find the software version.”

Why is my issue download slow or has stalled?

Unfortunately, there is not much we can do about the slow speed. There are many variables that can affect download speed. It could be that the server in your area (where we store our content) is suffering performance problems at the time you were downloading, or your internet service provider (ISP) is throttling your bandwidth on large downloads.

The best thing there is to do is try again later. Hopefully, it was just slow at that particular time.

Note: Your content should keep downloading even if your device goes to sleep, but not if you quit our app.


No, Pencil United doesn’t accept submissions at this moment.


For support questions relating to the app such as functionality, contact Pencil United:

For support questions relating to the App Store such as billing, use iTunes Support: