Dynamite comes in small packages: Digital comics publisher Pencil United’s motto

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A David and Goliath poster for digital comics publisher Pencil United's motto

One memory from my childhood that I will always bear with me is the memory of watching a scene from an old Orson Welles movie from the 1960s, where the young shepherd David battles against the giant Goliath.

The suspense was enormous. How would David survive what appeared to be a hopeless duel? But David’s inferiority became his greatest asset. He was agile and smart and managed to jump out of the way of the spear that the large but clumsy Goliath threw, and in the end, he felled the giant with a stone from his slingshot.

Somehow that scene etched itself in my young subconscious and became a reminder that biggest is not always best.

Do you remember that time at school when it felt like some people had grown 4 inches overnight? I grew slowly and for a long time I was the shortest of the guys in our class. But I never felt inferior because I did not see it as a disadvantage. I ran faster och jumped higher than most of my classmates and could do cartwheels and somersaults. I almost felt sorry for those who were tall. Their size often made them badly coordinated and clumsy.

I will never forget the last day of school in seventh grade when my teacher gave me the highest grade in gymnastics and with a slap on the shoulder said to me:

“Dynamite comes in small packages”.

Pencil United is never going to be like the giants of the digital comics industry. We are free from conventions and big business mentality. That is our strength and our biggest asset. We would rather be small and inventive than large and strong. And we only create things that really mean something to us and that we can put our own stamp on.

We are a David in a world of Goliaths. We forge our own path. The giants do their thing and we do ours. If you want to hang with the giants, go ahead.

But if you want to join the journey of an original outsider, come with us!

/Andy Mehlq

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