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A Poster for Pencil United's digital comic series Northern Souls

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Pencil United’s Nordic fantasy drama series “Northern Souls” follows the journey of a young man in finding his identity and origin in Europe’s last wilderness, Swedish Lapland, in the year 1940.

The tormented man can’t remember his name or where he comes from. Intrusive voices in his head, possible signs of schizophrenia, call him “Mielat” and insist that he has a calling.

The man is unexpectedly joined by a female German Red Cross doctor. Gradually it is revealed that this rational and determined woman, named Elke, has her own agenda but also that the fates of the two wanderers are intertwined in curious ways.

In addition to the adventure’s dramatic action, the story also holds existential, ethical and political dilemmas and is aimed at a broad adult audience. Full of complex and charismatic characters, to love and hate, the series revolves around themes such as origin, the soul and materialism and reflects on the end of our old magical world and the beginning of our modern rational age.

As soon as new episodes are ready we will make them available in the app’s library and send you a notification.


+ Previously. A recap sequence bringing you up to date with the story.

+ Spotify playlist. A soundtrack with cinematic background music for the issue.

+ Info spots. Popups with real life sources and facts behind the series.

+ Creating the cover. A step-by-step slideshow.

+ Next time. A sneak preview of the next Northern Souls Issue.

Tap here if you want to read Northern Souls! It will take you to our app in the App Store so you can download it and access all our comics.



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